Job Posting: Right-Hand Woman/COO

I’m looking for the Watson to my Sherlock, the Huma to my Hillary

Over the last six months my business has grown and I am looking for an amazing right-hand woman to take things to the next level, someone to take the operational and logistical reins of the business so that I am able to put my energy in the work and messages we’re putting out in the world. I’m in search of a business bouncer who ensures we focus on letting in aligned energy & business generating opportunities that come our way and that energy sucking ventures don’t make it past the front door.

Think the Watson to my Sherlock Holmes or even better the Huma to my Hillary -- minus all that man trouble ;) 

For those who are more visual/auditory learners, here’s a quick video rundown of what I’m looking for:




If this is you, email your resume & your answers to the numbered items below to

1. Why this job? What speaks most to you about this role?

2. Tell me about a time when you epitomized the traits I’m looking for.