Job Posting: Assistant

I’m looking for my dream assistant.

They can be local to the Greater Boston Area or virtual. If they are virtual, it is important they are within a 3-hour time difference of Eastern Standard Time (EST).

This assistant has to be experienced and stellar in the following things:

  • Tech savvy (we use: Trello, Google Drive, Dropbox, Zoom, YouTube, Gmail, Acuity, Patreon, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Teachable, Skype and Squarespace)

  • Not even just detail oriented...I am looking for someone who LOVES the details and being responsible for owning them

  • Efficient, punctual, proactive, thorough and highly communicative. I’d never have to chase you down to complete a project, answer a question or get an update

  • My “business bouncer” with killer customer care skills. Enjoys making sure people have beautiful experiences whenever they interact with us while maintaining the appropriate boundaries.

  • Excellent time management skills as you’d be in charge of my calendar, which looks like scheduling client calls, podcast interviews for the show, speaking engagements and a myriad of interviews and calls I do pretty regularly

  • LOVES systems and is adaptable as we’ve got them in place already

  • Loves business and is passionate about the work we do (you’d get access to all my programs/courses and you’re welcome to all of it for personal use)

  • Loves being behind the scenes support. Has no interest in doing what I do or building a brand or online business similar to mine.

  • Assertive, takes initiative, problem solving oriented, has amazing follow through

  • Disposition wise: patient, open minded, has a sense of humor, can roll with my barrier breaking creation processes and non linear, intuitively driven way of doing things, positive, friendly, resilient, confident, creative and reliable

  • I run a simple operation and the position would only require 10-15 hours a week, as the business continues to grow these hours have the potential to increase

  • I’m looking to build a long term relationship with someone who wants to grow within the organization

    **IMPORTANT: 2-4+ years experience is paramount for this position. Please do not apply if you’ve never been an assistant or virtual assistant before but think you could do it. I am looking for someone who is already trained and excellent.

    ***Again, please only apply for this role if you are in a time zone that is within 3 hours of Eastern Standard Time (EST). ***



If this is you, email your resume & your answers to the numbered items below to

1. Why this job? What speaks most to you about this role?

2. Tell me about a time when you epitomized the traits I’m looking for above.