I consider myself a bit of a hybrid human, I’ve never been one to be put in a category or fit under one label so here are a few descriptors I identify with:



I’m a two-time TEDx speaker. I speak at events & meetings focusing on messages that bring us all towards speaking & living our truth and embracing our “otherness” to connect through our shared humanity.


I’m an advanced certified women’s leadership coach and diversity & inclusion facilitator who works with individuals and teams to shift towards a more inclusive definition of leadership in industries from tech to nonprofit to healthcare to government to e-commerce and company stages from startups to Fortune 5 companies.

Podcast host

I have a podcast, Checkbox Other, that celebrates stories of uniqueness and the moments in life where we feel “other.” During the episodes I have in-depth conversations with a variety of change-makers.



I started a consulting firm, Story & Voice, working closely with small & medium sized businesses to share their story and amplify their brand voice. I found myself drawn to women-led businesses and started my work in the women’s leadership space. While I no longer do marketing consulting work, awareness & brand building and message amplification are a big part of how I view the work I do with my clients.



I spent over a decade in the business world as a marketing executive focused on brand strategy, major initiative launches and storytelling for the highly esteemed organizations below. After years of striving to be the model corporate employee and “succeeding”, I found myself crying in the bathroom stall at work and knew it was time to make a change.

I graduated from Bentley University with a degree in marketing while minoring in behavioral sciences and international studies.