The way I choose to coach is to meet you where you are, to understand where you're coming from and to step in your shoes.



One-on-one coaching experience where we tackle the barriers in your path to leadership and build your unique strengths toolkit for true success.

Common areas of focus are:

  • navigating a career change, advancement or crisis

  • setting work related boundaries

  • improving time management skills

  • building confidence & self advocacy practices

  • overcoming competition

  • finding mentors and sponsors

  • networking & building your public profile

  • aligning your work with your values

  • negotiating


One-on-one coaching experience that allows you to understand and leverage your power & privilege to create a more inclusive and equitable world.

Common areas of focus are:

  • Recognizing your power & activating it for positive change

  • Embracing your “other” and leading authentically

  • Confronting and overcoming bias & microaggressions

  • Push you outside your comfort zone in a safe space

  • How to call others in

  • Productively handling being “called out” or the fear of it

  • Understanding and embracing the balance of traditionally feminine & masculine leadership traits


I work with teams to overcome obstacles to their collective success in both individual and group sessions to achieve a common goal.

Common areas of focus are:

  • confronting and overcoming difficulties with communication

  • defining a shared language to address highly contentious situations

  • understanding the impact of unconscious biases and microaggressions

  • creating an inclusive environment for that values all members of a team allowing them to show up as their full selves each day

  • shifting towards a new paradigm of leadership that is strengths focused