Rewriting the Rules Workshop

Empowering Fearless Millennial Leaders



This workshop centered on the power and opportunity that Millennials, the largest generation in our country, have at their fingertips to take our society into the next frontier. As our country (and the world in general) becomes a more diverse and educated place, the Millennial generation will inevitably be leaned upon as a beacon for the US to live up to its economic and societal potential.


And as Millennial women, the most financially independent and educated generation of women in history, we have the privilege and opportunity to reinvent the model of what leadership and power will look like for generations to come. 

We explored the key characteristics that make Millennials unique and vital to the growth and unity of our society, and discussed the ways we can call on other generations to join in this evolution.

We brainstormed the systemic rules that need to be rewritten, and examined the underlying barriers and limiting beliefs that many women leaders carry, and worked on how to let go of those beliefs that hold us back. The purpose of this session was to prepare, encourage and inspire emerging professionals to lead more courageously and authentically.


Nikki’s TEDx talk, “Break the Rules in Life, Then Re-write Your Own”, is the inspiration for this workshop. It focuses on the importance of giving yourself permission to take control of the rules you live by in life and the magic that can happen when you do.


These are the materials referenced during the workshop for you to dive in and get a deeper understanding of the topics that were covered and the trends that were discussed.


Imposter syndrome: that sinking feeling that you will be found out as a fraud, that you are not qualified, that you don't belong, that your successes are undeserved and based more on luck, timing or other factors outside your control rather than your skills, contribution and strong performance

Limiting belief: something you believe to be true about yourself, about others, or about the world that limits you in some way. These beliefs may hold you back from taking chances, keep you blind to opportunities in your path, prevent you from accepting gifts offered to you, or simply keep you stuck focusing on the negative aspect of your circumstances

Burnout: a syndrome conceptualized as resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed. It is characterized by three dimensions:

  • feelings of energy depletion or exhaustion;

  • increased mental distance from one’s job, or feelings of negativism or cynicism related to one's job;

  • reduced professional efficacy.

Sistering: (in architecture) to affix a beam or other structural member to (another) as a supplementary support. Sistering joists means beefing them up with additional material. Doing so strengthens weak joists and can help straighten sagging joists.



  • “This is Me” by the Cast of The Greatest Showman

  • “Courage” by P!nk

  • “Liability” by Lorde

  • “Prayer for Humanity” by India Arie

  • “Quiet” by Milck

  • “Might Not Like Me” by Brynn Elliott

  • “Rise Up” by Andra Day


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